24 November 2005


See that picture on the right? I was like that this afternoon. Why? Because I finished my second paper for the semester!

Yep, you read it right. I finished writing my paper for my discourse relations seminar. So that makes it two down, one to go. Yes, I have three papers to write this semester. One I have passed about three weeks ago, this one I am passing this Monday when classes resume, and the other I will start researching and writing for the last two weeks of classes.

One thing I have noticed in graduate school is that the papers are all original research. Which of course should be the natural course of things. I am just comparing my studies right now with my studies in my undergraduate years. Back in my undergraduate years, some of my papers were just about applying a current theory to a certain language. Not really resolving a problem that has not been dealt with before. If I were to write a Review of Related Literature in my undergraduate papers, there would have been tons of previous research that are written that deal with the topic. But with what I am doing right now, most of the times, it is original research, the vanguard of the field, and so there isn't much to expect from the RRL.

Which is the case for my current paper. I have studied how a language without tense can infer temporal relations between two clauses. Most of the studies in temporal semantics focus on Indo-European languages, and if they would study a tenseless language, then Chinese is the classic example. But as far as I know, nobody has done the study on an Austronesian language such as Tagalog yet. So my research is the cutting-edge. Yay!

Well, now that the second paper is done, I am doing laundry work and other housework tomorrow. Yes, boring I know, but it needs to be done.

Well, goodnight for now, and enjoy your brief vacation if you have one.


  1. Wow, new look -haven't been by in a while. I like it.

    Way to go on getting your papers done! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. LIW, speaking of Austronesia, UBD, (my university), will be hosting a conference on English in South east Asia.

    "The conference seeks to explore issues surrounding the roles and functions of English within the region of South-East Asia."

    Anyway, give the website a stroll! :)


  3. oh by the way, congratulations on finishing the paper! :)

  4. congrats for not only finishing your paper, but for finishing a cutting-edge one!

    well done dude!

    btw, what is austronesian?

  5. PM,

    Hehe, I'm glad you like my new look.


    Thanks for the greet, and sure, I'll check out the hyperlink.


    Austronesian is a name for the one thousand two hundred some languages that are genetically related. The region where it is spoken starts from Taiwan, and stretches to Southeast Asia, all the way to the islands of the Pacific to the east, and Madagascar to the West. Check this link for more info.

  6. hurrah! that's another feather on your hat.

  7. cool!

    that was added info for all of us!