26 November 2005


I went to my office today. I woke up at around 7:30 AM, then immediately opened booted my laptop since I had the feeling that my mother was online. And she was. So we chatted, and I learned that everything is fine now with my sister's situation, that she won't be flying to Manila anymore. My sister apparently found a new roommate so she won't be struggling with her studies and the maintenance of the house anymore.

After thirty minutes of chat, I then did my morning routine. I washed my face, sat on the throne, did some do-it-at-home exercise, and then ate breakfast. I am concentrating on my crunches for the time being, now that I can't go out and jog, due to the harsh Buffalo weather. If you have read my past entries, then you would know that I lost quite a few pounds ever since changing my diet and exercising regularly here. So the downside to that is that my stomach is sagging. I have this wonderful amount of skin, that whenever I bend forward, it rolls down. This is due to the 28 pounds that I have lost in three months. I need to tighten my stomach.

Then, being the hardworking person that I am, I then packed some lunch, took a hot shower, and then headed to my office. I was waiting for the shuttle, which somehow for reasons undisclosed to me, didn't run today. (But when I look out the window tonight, I see it running, but not in the mornings, I don't know why.) So I instead took the fifteen minute walk from my apartment to my office. Good thing the university has reliable landscape management. They thawed the snow, and so there weren't piles and piles of the white stuff that I had to step on. And the sky was clear this morning, and so although it was cold, if one has the correct outfit, walking the distance was manageable.

In hindsight, I thought that I was crazy to spend the morning after Thanksgiving to study. Many people were out of town, vacationing. The campus was deserted. Oh, but I saw a fellow graduate student working in his office too. The room next to my office is the Phonetics Lab, and I heard tapes of Italian speech being played over and over again.

I have also noticed some changes on myself, ever since I became a graduate student. I had noticed that I have an increased number of silvery grey hair, growing on my head. Before it used to be just one strand. I never plucked it out, because it is common belief for the Filipinos that if one plucks the grey hair out, it will multiply. But then my grey hair multipled without me plucking it! Well, I once panicked when I saw it in my bathroom mirror. Now I don't mind. I have lived one-third of my life anyways.

Am I becoming a workaholic? An academic junkie?

I know that they say that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

But I am just saving my play so that come next summer, I'll play and sky is the limit.

On a sad note, I heard from my mom that my uncle has a deteriorating health condition. And the doctor says that he only has about six to nine months to live. How sad. It suddenly struck me that my Dad could be in the same boat as he is. My Dad is only a year younger than him. Wow. Time flies really fast. No sooner had I realized that I am in that age already, that it would be perfectly possible for my parent, not a grandparent, but my parent, to be seriously sick.

Oh well. It is snowing again, and it has accumulated already up to the point that the roads have about two to three inches of snow, judging from the tire tracks. I hope tomorrow won't be snowing still.


  1. ayos tsong ganda ng blog mo!! kakilla mo na yung babaeng nakapink sa picture na nakapost sa blog ko. kasi kini-claim niya kakilala ka raw niya!! hehehe .... salamat sa dalaw ... :)

  2. click mo yung flickr ko .. makikita mo siya dun sa ibang picture... sigurado daw siyang kakilala mo siya.

  3. kaklase mo nun elementary? hehe ... tama yung pangalawang hula mo. si jennie alcantara .. klasmate mo daw siya sa UP. wehehe ... kaopisina ko siya. wehhe. tuwa lang ako. small world!!! ginawa na natin chat itong comment box mo? wehehe

  4. hahah .. ok lang dude!!! link din kita!!heheh i hope you mind?? wehehe ... out!

  5. so sad to learn about our uncle. i keep on thanking God that even though my Dad's turning 60 next year, he doesn't have ailments yet. naku, eh wala pa nga siya ni isang apo noh.

    kawawa naman uncle charlie. napunta yata sa kanya yung lahi ng pamilya na madaling magka-bukol.

  6. i won't dwell on the sad things -

    congrats and i lost track that you lost 28lbs already.

    just look forward to summer and do the hardwork for the mean time. hehehe!

    have a nice weekend...junkie!