25 November 2005


It was extremely cold today, if one would go out in the open. But as for me, I am safe and warm in my apartment. I did my housework today, folding my clothes, ironing my clothes, clipping my nails, and cooking lunch and dinner. No schoolwork for a change. But come tomorrow, I'll go to my office and catch up on some of the final readings that I need to do for the final two weeks of the semester.

Thanksgiving Day for the Buffalonians happened to be an extremely cold day. Why? Because the storm that is passing by the Northeast picked this day to visit. And then here comes the wind from the Candian side, and when it crosses Lake Erie, it picks up mositure and then dumps all the snow on our side. Also known as the Lake Effect Snow. So when I look outside my window, I see a lot of caked cars similar to the one above. And then you see these people get out their scratchers and clear their windshields of snow.

By the way, the current temperature as of 9:00 PM is a stunning -10 degrees Celsius.

Right now, the snow stopped, but the wind is still blowing hard. I can hear it in my window.

One thing that I don't like with the cold weather, is the thing that it is doing to my hands. My hands are bleeding. I guess it is so dry that the skin cracks in different places. It's not that I am cold, but sometimes I see small patches of cracks. I need to put on lotion, something I haven't done in years. My hands are so used to Philippine levels of ultra-high humidity that it nevers gets this bad. So yeah I'll go to the pharmacy-slash-grocery store tomorrow, and look for a hand lotion.

I feel awkward buying lotion, the same feeling I get when I enter The Body Shop without a female companion. I feel out of place. But then, my hands are calling, and it hurts too. So yeah, mind over matter.

I made Meditteranean Fusilli tonight. That is, spiral pasta with a sauce that is based on stewed diced tomatoes, and add to that, one whole chopped chilli pepper, plus black and green olives, and capers. A dish with an Italian flare and a bit of hotness. Very good for the winter season.


  1. "The Body Shop" we have in Würzburg too! They have good products but they are rather expensive. I have bought there a peach body lotion lately which smells very good!
    A big part of the snow here in Würzburg has already melted during the day. It's always the same: we have only some days in the year nice snow, mostly in January and February. Frustrating...
    I wish you a nice Friday evening now!

  2. Thanks for guest posting for FFAF! It was ugly but I didn't wanna delete it LOL...

    The snow looks heavenly in photos but i bet it's very cold. We haven't had any flakes yet, but may get a few flurries soon. I don't know who - while it's 28* now it's suppose to be 68* on Monday. Crazy temps!

    I see you changed your profile pic!