21 November 2005


Well, I wasn't able to post an entry yesterday. And yes, I do have an excuse for that. I took a very long nap. I guess I wanted to catch up from the sleepless days of the week. I need to recharge, which I did.

I also changed some things here. Didn't you notice? Yeah, I found some good-hearted individual who makes templates for free. And so I borrowed one of her templates. Give her a visit if you are interested. Her link is one the left-hand side near the bottom of my sidebar.

I chose this scheme because I feel like having rekindled my musical interests. I have been downloading different kinds of music, from emocore to classical to latin. And it is a great diversion to the busy schedule I have.

My mom is flying back to Manila from Vienna via Doha this Friday. She is flying back for a while temporarily because my sister cannot manage the house alone. Not that she is doing a bad job. It's because her companion in the house, a single woman, who we pay as a live-in housekeeper (Or should I say they pay, "they" being my parents, since I moved out of the house already?) moved out a week ago. And she just gave short notice. She immediately said "I'm moving out" a few days before she actually planned to move out, thus not giving enough time for my sister to find a replacement. The reason she is moving out is she is going to Palau for overseas employment.

Now we as a family are frustrated. I guess she wanted to play on the safe side. She never told my sister early on because she wanted to be sure first that she will depart. Maybe she was thinking that if she told my sister early on, my sister would then search for a new housekeeper, and then she would lose her job, and then what if her overseas stint won't work after all? She didn't want to take risks, and thus put my sister on the edge. The ironic thing is, she was supposed to leave for Palau last Friday, but as I have heard, she is still in Manila.

So yes, because of that, my mom will fly across Europe and Asia to be with my sister, until they find a replacement. The house is simply too big for one full-time college student to manage. Add to that the care of the four pets.

So this will be my mom's vehicle.

When I was still living with my sister, we didn't have problems in managing the house. Two people can manage the house perfectly. But then I moved out and so my sister is stuck there. Sometimes, I partly blame myself for what is happening. My sister has failed one subject in college, so she has to retake the subject. Was that because she was too stressed out and I was not there to help out? But then I also want to do my own thing, pursue my own career, and move out of the house. Well, I do hope that everything turns out well for them.

Ok, I have to go back to work. I have a homework due tomorrow that I need to finish today.


  1. I like the new layout LIW~ :) very classy

  2. nice template LIW!

    i wish i could see you perform with your music. im a frustrated musician btw. i always liked to learn but i think i really dont have the talent.

  3. will you rename your blog as "memoirs of a music lover"? joke. hehe. i like the header image, liw. it's elegant.