29 November 2005


Two more weeks of school, and if you count the finals week, that makes three. I am tired. Not physically. But mentally. I guess when I was reading four articles this whole day, I just didn;t have the gusto to do it.

I looked like those bears.

But of course, mind over matter.

I also submitted my second paper that I was drooling about the other day. This is the paper that I had finished writing during the Thanksgiving Break. And my professor was amazed. He said that it was the first time for him to have a student pass a paper three weeks before the deadline.

That I guess was the highlight of my day.

Tonight I made an African dish. I guess African dishes almost always consist of peanut butter in them. I made Vegetables in Peanut Sauce, a Congolese dish that is good with rice, foufou, or bread.

By the way, I saw this news on the internet. This is about a girl dying after kissing his boyfriend. The girl apparently has peanut allergy and his boyfriend just kissed her after eating a peanut snack.

Talk about male Poison Ivys.

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  1. That picture of the bears is VERY nice!!!

    Never heard of a peanut allergy. That's interesting under medical aspects - though so tragic for that girl of course!