10 November 2005


Today is a day that was so wet and cold. Yet, no snow yet. The weather forecast said that snow is for tomorrow. We'll see tomorrow what happens.

I do not have any special thing to blog about today, since my day was as usual, busy, but nothing special that is worthy of blogging.

There is however, one thing, that I want to blog about.

This concerns my lips.

I have no idea what the weather is doing to me here. I have noticed that it is dry here, drier than what I am used to in Manila, which is in the tropics. So, my hands are dry, and I apply lotion. My lips also peel off, so every night, before going to bed, I apply lip balm, and that solves the problem.

There is one problem I noticed like three days ago though. The inner part of my lower lip hurts. It doesn't hurt all the time, but it hurts whenever I brush my teeth and it gets in contact with the toothpaste. The inner part of my lower lip feels swollen, but it is not painful. The hurting thing when I brush my teeth is more like a burning sensation, something similar to whenever soap gets in your eyes, or when you rub antiseptic on an open wound.

Maybe I bit my inner lip, and maybe I was scalded one time, when I ate food that was too hot to handle. Maybe. Maybe not.

I hope this goes away soon. I hate pouting all the time.

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