27 November 2005


I am in pain. Because of the cold, my hands are cracking and they crack according to where my skin lines are. That's why I need this product. Lotion. What a nicely-sounding word. And I have one more day to wait, because I don't have time to go to the store until tomorrow afternoon.

When I was in Japan, when I was still learning to play the piano, I took very good care of my hands. I applied lotion all the time, and even had a phobia of wearing rings because I thought that they might get stuck and they need to chop my fingers off. A friend actually remarked that I have very beautiful and sexy fingers, that I could be a hand model.

A hand model.

Ok I'll stop writing about my skin and my hands, or else I would sound vain.

*press CHANGE TOPIC button*

Yesterday was the day when I finally finished my overhaul in my blog. I changed the template, and also I added the music again. I once had a video running, hosted by HotCodez.com, but they had problems with their feeds, so people had a hard time reading my blog. So I erased it. The other day, I found a better feeder, so I gave it a shot. Right now, you can see the video of The Clincher by Chevelle. I believe this is their last video because they broke up, even though they are composed of three fleshly brothers. Oh well. I also changed the order the of the things that I have on my sidebar. I moved things up and things down. I also changed my picture. I used to have a super-close-up of my face taken with the Vienna Hofburg Palace behind me. Now, I have this semi-full-body shot of me taken within the vicinities of the Ruins of the Athenian Agora.

*press CHANGE TOPIC button*

Yesterday, I had experienced evidence for a phenomenon called Six degrees of separation. This is the idea that a person can be connected to any person in the world with only six intermediaries. Well, I was wandering in cyberspace yesterday, reading Dyosa's blog, when I saw a comment by Flex J, which then led me to click on his site, and then I see a comment by AirWind. So I decided to read his blog. I left a comment only to receive a comment back, saying that a girl in his office is claiming that she knows me, by looking at my pictures. AirWind is based in Manila. So I looked and lo and behold, that girl, who happens to have a picture in AirWind's blog, was a girl I worked with when I was a member of the Yearbook Committee in my unergraduate years. I was linked to AirWind by just one intermediary, and not the original two.

So there, apart from that, nothing much happened on Saturday, except that the snow stopped. And the weird thing is, this Monday, the temperature will rise. From -10 C yesterday, going to 15 C this Monday.

Buffalo is weird.


  1. What is it you need, the item on the right or the left of the picture?


  2. Oh the right would suffice. But if it comes with the one of the left, I wouldn't mind at all!

  3. cousin, i suggest you get neutrogena's norwegian formula hand cream. compared to lotions na sandali lang effect, this one gives a mas matagal na protective covering all over your hands.