16 November 2005


I have noticed something here. The earthworms are planning an attack to the humans. I can see an earthworm everywhere I look, I can practically see one every three feet. My goodness, I can see them attacking me, slowly slithering their way on the ground, and I have trouble finding a spot where I would not step on them.

Really, I don't know if I have a fear of earthworms, but this evening, when I got off the shuttle, I saw an earthworm squished between my feet, and I literally jumped, only to land in another and squish it again.

I am paranoid.

But I see their bodies, that wither and bloat whenever I step on them. It is as if they regurgitate everything that they have inside through the pores of their skin, and they turn inside out.

I don't want to go to sleep tonight. I might see earthworms in my sleep.


  1. hi there :) you wrote a very impressive review of the tagalog language on my blog. its odd to say that tagalog doesnt have tenses. when we can say following:

    kumain siya .. past
    kumakain siya .. present
    kakain siya .. future
    kakainin niya .. future perfect?

    im not sure about aspect. what is aspect? yeah im interested to see your paper. send it to romeo.macapobre@gmail.com

  2. I am interested in your paper too!
    I am a Belgian in the Philippines trying to learn a bit of your language.
    Not so easy... I suppose I am quite stupid. Your work will probably be too difficult for me but I am sure I will be happy if I can understand 1% ! :-)


  3. I don't mind sending my paper, if you don't mind waiting until the end of Fall semester (US time), on December 9. It's still a work in progress...


  4. I hate worms! I can handle all sorts of animals except worms...