05 November 2005


Friday, the dreaded day, the envious day, at least for me. Ok, let me explain that. I have noticed ever since coming here to Buffalo, that Friday is the day when everyone wants to speed everything so that they could go home early. Why is that?

Let's say we take a population count of the people in the campus. I bet that the time when we get the lowest count is on Friday afternoon. And I hate it when I need to be there while everyone else is out and away.

Oh no, I have been backspacing and deleting this entry a couple of times now. My hands are a bit out of control, and my head is wobbly. Yes, I am a bit under the influence, to put it mildly. There was a department party that I went tonight. It wasn't like undergrad parties where all the people do is drink beer and get drunk. Here, we had wine, beer of course, and nice food for all people. And of course, I had a couple glasses of wine. So that's why my screws are a bit loose tonight.

I just wanted to relax, sorry.

I am doing progress with the grading that I have to finish by Monday next week. I've caught two cheating students again, and I am frustrated. For the one thing, I hate to give a student a failing grade, but then, I also hate the fact that they were dishonest. Well, what has been done is done.

I better stop now. This backspacing thing is really bad. Some letters get attached to the next word, and I just am in the dreamy state now.

Good night everybody and have a good weekend. Mine has just started pretty well.

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