14 December 2005

Attaccando in su al mio sonno

Ah, the joys of not having to set my alarm clock! Today marks the first day I could do that again, after about four months. Yesterday, although it was officially the first day of no-classes, I still had a make-up class and so I needed to be at my building at 11:00. But I cooked lunch before that, so that meant setting my alarm clock early enough to do that.

But today, none of that sort. I slept and slept. Slept to my heart's desire.

Of course, I woke up, around 11:00. What a wonderful feeling, recharged and everything.

I later finished revising my paper for publication, and I have already sent it to the editors. I hope that will then push through. Soon, I'll see my name in print. I am excited to see my name in print. Actually, I've already been printed, not yet published, but just printed. A book by a faculty here at UB cited one of my ideas in his newly-released book. So there, I am printed. But not yet published, in the sense that I don't have a work of my own published yet.

I know, people have been telling me not to go head-over-heels on that. Yes, it is bad to have my head overblown on that. Still, I need to get a grip on the earth. Still need to be humble. After all, without the support of plenty of people around me, I don't think I would have been able to reach where I am right now.

This Friday, I have my one and only final exam. After that, I have an appointment with my professor. Since he had read my paper on temporal inference, he will give me comments, and hopefully, discuss how I can make the next step, that is, writing the qualifying paper. If I finish that QP, then I formally proceed from the MA phase to the PhD phase of the program.

I have borrowed a few books from the library. Not academic readings, but novels for leisure. I figured that I might as well catch up on my reading, since I don't have any classes. I love the library here, since there are translations of works that I previously had no access to, such as novels by Hungarian, Russian, Turkish authors, you name it.

Oh well. I'll better stop here.

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