13 December 2005

Fare amore a 20.000 piedi

I found this article about a couple who had passionate sex and then turned violent in a British Airways flight from London, UK to Kingston, Jamaica. All from drinking too much alcohol perhaps.

Why do people lose their senses like that?

Freud was right. The Id has to be suppressed by the Ego. If that does not happen, then this happens.

I guess they are now members of the mile-high-club.


Now, they are arrested and flown back to London, and possibly face the bill of diverting the BA Boeing 777 jet to Bermuda.

Plane tickets: $1216.24
Drinks: free
Cost of 777 diversion: $58,950
Having sex at 20,000 feet: PRICELESS!


  1. hahaaha ... this entry makes me start my day with a smile... wahahahha

  2. that's kinda funny.


  3. Where do you find always such nice pics???