19 December 2005

Il giorno lavo i miei vestiti

Today is one of those days. One of those days when you see the pile in your drawer pile up and then the lightbulb in your head lights up and says that you need to dump them all in the washing machine and dryer. So yes, that is what I am doing.

I can hear the vroom of the machines downstairs.

Last night, I realized that I can do things that I normally cannot do, due to the constraint of time, when classes are in session.

Things like watching movies.

Last night, after blogging, I watched my downloaded movie. It was "50 First Dates." Usually, I do not watch Adam Sandler movies, but then I couldn't resist this one. It was so cute. It was just hilarious how Adam Sandler fell for Lucy, who happens to have amnesia, so that every thing that happens on that day will be forgotten the moment she goes to sleep.

Come to think of that, people with those conditions are tough to care for. I wonder if I could do that, if ever I fall in love with someone like that. Someone who forgets who I am the next day.


  1. An opportunistic Ativan gang member would be very happy to date her.

  2. one of my fav movies... isispin mo you have court the girl everyday. {Para bang you have to make the other person fell in love with you again and again... wehehe. Thanks for droppin by my site... really appreciate it :)

  3. hahaha! im glad you finally can do things you like.

    I liked that movie as well, my ex likes Drew so much.

    Merry Christmas!