31 December 2005

Il ingenuo e l'ubriaco

I found two interesting articles in the news recently.

One involves a drunk, in a plane. The plane was flying from Manchester to Tenerife, when a drunk passenger started acting violently. So the pilot decided to dump him in the island of Porto Santo, a Portuguese-controlled island in the North Atlantic. Read the full article here.

It is amazing how people can be so idiotic.

Getting drunk in the holidays is ok, as long as you're the only one being affected. But if it would bother the rest of the passengers, then I would think twice.

Now, he is a castaway.

On another news, a teenage American decided that he would participate in "immersion journalism" by going to Iraq and experiencing firsthand what the situation there was. Mind you, he has no knowledge of Arabic, and the only thing that camouflages him somewhat is his Iraqi ancestry. His parents are Iraqi immigrants. Read the full article here.

I don't know what to think about that boy.

He is an idealist, indeed, yet naive. Still, I find him brave for what he did. Good thing he made it home safe and sound.


  1. I heard about the kid who went to Iraq to experience war. I thought it was a very dangerous thing to do but it showed one hell of a lot of guts.

  2. Your pic is interesting! Is the decoration of the glass a bunch of grapes with the paring of a lemon?

    I wish you a nice New Years Eve too!!!

  3. I also read the story about that kid. I was asking myself.. was he on high on drugs? stupid? or just a brave idealist... it's a report that his class will surely remember.

  4. Susanne,

    I really don't know. But it looks like so...

  5. Opps that Happy New Year was mine, Blogger didn't log me in!