16 December 2005

Il punto culminante del semestre

Tomorrow will be the official end of the semester for me. The finale of the semester. Yippee!

However, I find myself not so uplifted by the thought. I wonder why. Am I really a junkie that I wish there is still school by this time? Or is it the fact that most of the people I know here are leaving for somewhere else? One classmate of mine from Taiwan will go to Madrid, one American classmate is going to Paris with a round-trip ticket that he got for 300 USD, some of my fellow Filipino classmates are going back to Manila, and some are having an excursion to New York City. I on the other hand will just spend the winter here in Buffalo.

Oh I need a diversion. I might make this break a productive one, since I am meeting with my adviser tomorrow after my finals exam, and so I might have an idea for a QP by tomorrow.

Sometimes I get depressed. I don't want to be left behind. Good thing my parents called me today. Or rather, we caught ourselves online, so we had a video chat. They are having problems of their own. They might move and live somewhere else from Vienna. That is the constant threat to diplomats, you don't know when you will be the next year. That's why I don't want to be one.

Oh well, I need to study, for the last time, for my syntax exam tomorrow. After that, I have a month-long break, and then come January 17, the race starts again.

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  1. Today is Friday...so you are done now! Congrats and enjoy the holiday!