10 December 2005

La conclusione dell'anno scolastico

Today is the last day of classes. And I have ambivalent feelings for that.

For one part, I am happy that I have accomplished plenty of academically fruitful things for the semester. I have finished three papers, all submitted way ahead of the deadline. I also got ideas for a master's thesis that I will write soon. And soon I will finalize the draft for a paper to be published next year.

On the other hand, I miss the pressure. Yes, I know. I am abnormal. Although I am not feeling it right now, I know that near the end of the winter break, I will be crazy due to lack of pressure. I had these feelings before, during semester breaks when I was still an undergraduate. Whenever the semester break is, during the final three days, sometimes I would just act weird, blank out, start daydreaming, because of the lack of deadlines and pressures. Is that weird? Yes it is.

I really felt that time flies fast. I cannot imagine that seven more days and then I will be here for a complete four months. I still feel like I have just flown in from Manila.

I am also envious at the people who are leaving for the winter. Some are going to Madrid, some to Paris, some to San Diego, some to Tucson, and some even to New York City. But I will stay here. I don't really know anybody in NYC to visit.

I feel alone. I can't wait for the new semester.

But I also can't wait to kickback and relax.