08 December 2005

Noo Yowkh

For months, I have been puzzled as to why the variety of English of my friend sounded very different from the English of all the other people here in Buffalo. She spoke like this.

"If it is ageinsst thee luowh to steal a cahhr, then why do it?"

It sounded like she was adding vowels that weren't supposed to be there.

Then I found out. I am actually hearing authentic Noo Yowkh City accent! If you are interested, read this description on this specific type of English.

Aside from the accent discovery, nothing much happened today. All of my work is done, so I don't have things to rush. All the things I need to do now are concerning my TA class, regarding students who never bothered to show up during the semester nor bothered to resign the class, but now are frantically emailing the professor and the TAs as to how to get out of their problem.

How stupid.


  1. ahahaha! primary reason why i didn't consider being a teacher. dito pa sa 'pinas? ang baba na nga ng sweldo ng mga teachers? not worth it din na magkaron ka ng wrinkles because of encountering stupid pupils year in & year out. :lol:

  2. i could have answered that guy in my own accent: "bikus da tibs tink dat dey wil nat be kot."

  3. The accent is crazy on the East Coast... and 100% different then us on the West Coast. It is interesting though to discovery new accents. Pretty eye opening. I love it!

    And I have never gotten why people who don't care enough during the semester seem to think the TA's and Prof. will care about them near the end. It is not all take and expect to receive. It is take and give. 50-50.

    I agree... they are being stupid in waiting so late to try to get out of there problems. Good Luck and enjoy the slow pace!

  4. We have in Germany countless different accents too and sometimes I don't understand a special accent! Especially in little villages in the country it is sometimes bad...