15 December 2005

Qualcosa non posso essere fiero di

I found this article on the The Philippine Daily Inquirer today. And it is something that I cannot be proud of.

Yes, the government offices are known for being like this. They don't just sit and wait for people to give them Christmas presents, they don't even ask for it, instead, they demand for it. How rude. No wonder the country is not progressive. This is tainting the image of the country. Cannot they stick to their business of stamping my passport of my proof of entry?

But then, the question boils down to the government as a whole. These government employees are underpaid, and thus they are tempted to act corrupt. If they were satisfied with their rewards, would they do this? I won't.

But what could a single blog entry do to change the situation?


Oh well, on other things, nothing much happened today. I just reviewed for an exam, and downloaded a movie. I'm going to finish watching it after I save this post.

Have you noticed a trend on the entry titles of this blog? Before, I once had a phase where I use one word that appears in my text as the title. Now, I use phrases, in Italian.

Maybe that is just because I had linguini with pesto and olives for dinner tonight.

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