01 January 2006

Un sommario formulato alla fine dell'anno

I guess there only remains a little more than 2 hours for 2005, at least, in my perspective.

Typical as it may seem, I would follow the trend by making a summary of the year. After all, it is appropriate.

But how?

Yeah, there are plenty of ways in summarizing the year.

ben.run did his summary by paying tribute to the commenters in his blog, and by a list of his search engine referrals.

Duke listed her happenings for the whole year.

Yahoo! on the other hand wrote a What If? on the year 2005.

Actually, I already had a shortened version of my year summary, in this entry.

Oh well, what's wrong in doing it again?

  • I was able to graduate magna cum laude in undergraduate.

  • I was able to see two cities steeped in ancient history, Athens and Rome.

  • I flew 8,000 miles to start graduate school.

  • I saw first-hand one of my pet dogs die of old age, burying him in my backyard.

  • I saw two of my close buddies start a family and raise children.

  • I started this blog, last July, out of boredom, due to the fact that I had nothing to do at home, while waiting for my departure for Buffalo.

  • I learned two formal languages, HTML and LaTeX.

  • I travelled alone, internationally, for the first time, when I flew to Taipei for a conference presentation.

  • I experienced the joy of seeing a student understand and appreciate my efforts.

  • I became a vegetarian (4 months and running...).

  • I noticed that my gray hairs started to become plenty in number.

  • I learned to live alone.

  • I came to realize that Solomon was right, that the making of many books is a pain in the butt, but I am still doing it.

  • I got to know great bloggers around the world, like PureMood, Abaniko, Susanne, The Martin family, Varangertankar, and of course, the first blogger to give me a comment, S-N-E.

  • I learned how to really miss somebody.

  • I tried to forget someone, to erase someone from the past, but so far I have failed.

  • I discovered online shopping.

  • I felt that my heart was captivated again, but still, I am letting my head and not my heart run the scene.

  • I finally learned the mechanics of football.

  • I came to appreciate the accuracy of weather forecasts.

  • I came to understand the meaning of the word winter in the Buffalonian sense of the word.

  • I learned how to live without TV.

So I guess that would be my list.

A few minutes more and I need to throw my old calendar away...


  1. I have watched many of my animals die and they were all buried in the back yard or on the farm land. Even my horse, Sally :(

    I would love to visit Athens & Rome.

    Don't worry about the gray hair. Some women even find that sexy. LOL Truly. My husband (who is 32) has black hair, which goes gray faster, and he has gray but I think it looks great - he wishes he didn't have it.

    Sorry to say you can't forget or erase the past but you can learn from it and move on... erasing part of your past or someone from it - would ultimately erase part of you and you are great as you are.

    Happy New Year, LIW!

  2. Happy New Year LIW! It has been great getting to know you too this year.

    Hope you have a great and prosperious(sp sorry) 2006! Looking forward to reading wonderful adventoures with you next year!

    Stay safe and sweet!

    Happy New Year from our family to yours. :)

  3. hello! happy new year!!! did my hatsumode already at around 5:30, after my karaoke concert! stay safe =)

  4. Dear LIW,
    a Happy New Year -
    and my best wishes for 2006 to you!!!

  5. Happy New Year LIW. The first time you commented on my blog I knew right away that you're "different" that's why I linked to you immediately. I have high regards for people who fearlessly stand for their principles/beliefs. All the (academic) best in 2006!

  6. Reading your list, I find you to be an interesting person. You started to become a vegetarian?! This is one thing I couldn't push myself to do. I am definitely a carnivore :D

    Magna Cum laude.. I salute you!

    Online shopping does wonders and can be addictive :D

  7. Learning how to survive a Buffalo winter is something to be proud of...