30 December 2005

Un'altra dose dell'esercitazione per gli occhi

I finished my book today! Yay!

I feel the need to qualify that statement. Specially since I am reading plenty of books at the same time.

By referring to this entity as "book" I am pertaining to the specific material object made of paper and bound, that is read for entertainment and not as a requirement for a certain class, course, or other academic activity. In short, my novel.

So I am done with Gogol, now, I am going to start on a Hungarian novel, Azarel, by the author Karoly Pap. I found the book in Lockwood one day, and so I checked it out.

Oh I love my library.

Speaking of books, I found out the textbooks that I would need for the Spring semester. Looks like I need to shell out at least USD 120.00 for books.

For my Bilingualism and Contact Linguistics class.

For my Syntax 2 class.

For my Semantics 2 class.

For the reading group that I joined, which will meet every other Thursday night.

Actually, I am going to take four classes, but the fourth class won't be using any textbook. As if that helps...

And mind you, I don't sell them back to the bookstore. Because, one day, I know, I will have my own office in a university department, and I need books to occupy my shelves.

Of course, I'm supposed to read them and use them as references as well, not just occupants of shelves.


  1. Daming books ah. Do you plan to teach in the States or in Pinas?

  2. No preference. Basta kung saan ako mabubuhay. As long as I can support myself and perhaps a future family, ok lang sa akin.

  3. Support yourself and your family? Parang that's tantamount to saying sa States ka magtuturo ah. Hehe. Good luck!