03 December 2005

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Usually I maintain this blog as wholesome, but today, I just wanted to shout. I just had the most BS morning in my life as a graduate student.


Since today is Friday, I have this three-hour seminar. And I was supposed to be the moderator for the latter half of the time. But then, I wasn't able to moderate, because the person before me took the whole three hours.

Now that is not what I am ranting about.

It is his quality of handling the situation. Come to think of it, the class is a 600-level class, a PhD level class, not an MA level class. And he is a Master's student, but then he doesn't act as one. His comments are too intellectually low, and sometimes not relevant. He also does this swaggering style that makes the discussion seem to look like a radio talk show. The supposedly intellectual discussion on coherence relations turned into a mumbo jumbo that looked more like a banter debate where the males showed off their machismo, giving out airy comments that proved to be worthless.

I actually had the urge to walk out of the class this morning, but out of respect for the professor, who was patiently sitting in the side, I restrained myself.

That makes me wonder, how did this guy manage to enter graduate school in the first place?

Anyway, enough of that. Yesterday, I wasn't able to blog due to the fact that I watched a movie with two of my friends, a Russian and an Argentinian. The student association runs a theater here and they show free movies every week. We watched The Brothers Grimm starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. It was a fantasy slash fairy tale slash quasi horror movie. It was fun. The movie started at 9:15 in the evening and so I was able to return to my house around 11:30. I actually left my laptop in my office as I didn't want to carry it in the theater with me. Well, that was a change, after four months of not being able to watch a movie.

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  1. hahaha ... sabihin mo sa kanya BIBO pala siya e... wehehe