02 January 2006

First Post of the Year

Oh it knocked, came, and went.

Funny, the first thing I did this year, is exercise.

Then laundry.

Not really appealing.

But then, seeing that pile shrink and eventually end in the drawers is a relief.

Later in the day, my stomach acted weird. I was cooking for lunch around ten, after doing my morning routine, and since I didn't eat breakfast due to the fact that I woke up late, and breakfast would be too late, my stomach started churning, since I became hungry. I waited till my Vegetable Curry was done, which was lunch. So I ate lunch around thirty minutes later, which satisfied my stomach. But then, after that, I felt queasy and I thought I was overfull.

Then, I figured it out. It was because I skipped breakfast, which made me too hungry for lunch. That then induced me to eat more than the desired portion. Which then led to being overfull.

Bad habit.

Won't happen again.


  1. Nice picture again!

    I know that feeling too: being too hungry and feeling overfull then after eating something. It's quite normal.... :-)

    By the way I wrote you a long letter back at my blog!

  2. funny.. I also did laundry on the first day of the year.