24 January 2006

Looking for Me?

I guess at least once in a lifetime of a blog, one must make an entry that consists of the search strings that lead to one's blog. So that is what I am doing tonight.

Well, obviously, most of the searches that point here concern about me being a linguist. By the way, although I still do not consider myself one, my professors call us graduate students that way, so I'd use it here. Apparently, some people want to know what my typical week was like, so they searched for it. They also wanted to know facts about linguists so they searched for it as well. They also wanted to search about the personality types of linguists. And finally, they also wanted to find Iraqi linguists if there were any.

Aside from linguistics, there was one search who wanted to find out about his TA. He did the search on Blogsearch by Google, so he might be looking for the blogs of his teaching assistant.

There was one search about foreigner's impression on Tagalog. Why? Is Tagalog a weird language? I can tell you more about languages that are "weirder" than Tagalog.

Some searches were about economics, not a field of mine. One wanted to know about the disadvantages of overseas filipino workers, while this search and this search wanted to know about the disadvantages of EVAT, Extended Value-Added Tax Law, in the Philippines, which is something I have no idea about.

There was one search about a book I read, which was Memoirs of a Geisha.

Finally, there was one search in Italian, which was the phrase lavo i miei vestiti.



  1. try to fill your blog with the S** word and be surprised. hehe. my top search is on "pinoy ako." they come only to read putdowns about the song and the band. tsk, tsk.

  2. I cannot say anything to that topic, sorry.
    But thanks for your nice comment today! I answered you as always on my blog.

  3. how did you find that out? i wonder what goes on beyond my page. or does google even recognize mine.

    interesting post dude!

  4. Owen,

    I have a thing inserted in my page called a page counter, offered by Sitemeter. I then check my account there and see from which countries do my visitors come from, how they found my page, who referred my page to them, etc. It is free, and easy to install in your template.

    Go to www.sitemeter.com for more details.