26 January 2006

The Machinist

School has started and it is already a week. And I cannot believe that I am in full swing, my machine has been running hard and fast. I already started my experiment series, and I will run the experiment this week and also on the following week.

One thing that is funny though, is that I still find time to read novels. I wonder why, maybe I just have this gift of efficiency. I am so capable when it comes to budgeting time.

I have a meeting with my adviser this coming Friday. One thing I like about my adviser is that he is dedicated with his students. He is the one who takes the initiative in talking with his students, asking questions, clearing things up. It might seem like it is pressure, but actually, I like it. he also has this research lab that he has, for his students, and since I am his newest student, he mentioned that group to me, that I was invited to attend from now on.

There is an upcoming colloquium this Friday and Monday. The speakers will be the remaining two candidates for the job opening in the faculty. So far I have heard the first two. In order to cast my vote, I need to attend all the talks, so that I what I am planning. So far, I prefer the second candidate over the first one. The second one made a better impression on me, in my opinion. I wonder what the third and the fourth one would be like.

A family friend found my email address and because of that, she was able to contact me on Yahoo Messenger yesterday. She asked if I am homesick. Well, I told her, "Mind over matter." I guess, that is it. Mind over matter. One cannot have everything. One has certain things to pay for some things that he wants. I do have friends, but my family are not here. Sometimes, I feel in limbo, hanging out there, due to the fact that I am out of my parental family, and I don't have my own family to start yet. But I do not want to hurry up and start one. I have too many headaches to bear right now.

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  1. As so often my dict gives me no answer what "mind over matter" means.
    Can you please explain it to me?