13 January 2006

Novels and Murals

I have been on hiatus for two days. But I'm back.

I guess I have to give an explanation as to what exactly was my last post about? Well, it just happened that on Monday morning, I was browsing the library of good novels to read, and I came across the diaries of Anais Nin, a modern American writer. She was most famous for her explicit and provocative diaries, which detailed out her love and relationships. I just tried writing an entry in her style, based on my own feelings and experiences at the time of my writing.


The day before yesterday and the day after that, which happens to be yesterday, was a busy day for my academic self. I read articles all day long, which made my eyes tired, which is a weird feeling, since my body is not tired at all. I need to write up a summary of what I read so far, so I can remember the relevant points when I actually write my QP.

I also finished my novel. (Finished in this context means that I am done reading it, not writing it. I guess you can discern that based on coercion.) So I returned the book and borrowed another one. The book on the upper-right corner of this entry is what I borrowed. Entitled Victims, it is about a religious cult. That's all I know so far.

Yesterday, I made Tofu Stroganoff. I simply substituted tofu for the beef. And it turned out great. I love it when the aroma of my cooking permeates the whole apartment. It would only torture my roommate when he smells me cooking, since he doesn't cook and all he eats when he doesn't order take out or eat out is instant noodles.

Ben.run had a great idea of a mural tag. Basically, you need to add artwork to this brick wall. Read his site for more instructions. Use this artwork and add your own to it, using about 10 percent of the surface.

Tag History: Add your URL here. Include the URL that directs to the post of the tag, and not to your site's main page.

1. ben.run
2. Linguist-in-Waiting

If you are number 10, then please give a link to ben.run and to me giving a link to the final mural.

Here are the people that I'd like to see participate...


  1. What a great idea :-)

    Thanks for drawing on the wall! :-)

  2. Why did you change your pic???

    I was first reading your entry from Monday and was touched by your words.
    You really mean that these words only imitate the style of Anais Nin?
    I can't believe.

  3. I'm afraid I suck at artworks. Pwedeng pass muna ako. Hintayin ko na lang ang next meme mo. :)

  4. thanks for the tag. try ko, but i can't promise anything.

  5. Hey you! Thanks for the tag! I was also tagged by PM... I have posted that one already. I will try to add to yours too.

    Great pic too!

  6. Lolo, naipost ko na. nakapagrelax naman. ngayon balik ulit sa panic mode. wehehe. =)