21 January 2006


I got these pictures from my family. They are supposed to make you smile, at least. For me, it worked. I don't know for you guys.

What Part of Quiet Don't You Understand?

Everyone Needs to Feel Secure...

Couldn't Help It Ma, That First Step Was a Killer...

Now What Do I Do?

It's In There Somewhere, I Just Know It!

I Really Need To Get Going, But Just Can't Seem to Get Motivated

Man, I Am Getting So Fat I Can Hardly Scratch My Own Butt

These Morning Walks Are Killing Me?

So, was it effective?


  1. aren't those the cutest?

    I got that emailthe other day too! :) Hope you are having a great Friday! :)

    Have a wonderful warm weekend!

  2. Rather cute some of those.
    And I had no idea a dog could sit like that!

  3. re first pic. is that their version of a french kiss? haha.

  4. LIW,

    thanks for posting these pics!!!

    They are so incredibly cute...
    and they make me really smile.

    Hope all is going well for you.