09 January 2006

Problems in the Cerebral Cortex

After a week of warm weather, it snowed again last night.

Not really pissed about it, but still, it contributed to my headache which lasted the whole day today.

It was because the snowplows work the apartment complex at a stunning 4:00 AM!

And given the size of that snowplow, it makes these loud noises, that I cannot just help but get out of my sleep.

If I put on earplugs, then I wouldn't be able to hear my alarm clock, so I am stuck.

So, since I was woken up at 4:00 AM this morning, by the booming engine of the snowplow, I just got out of my bed, put some clothes on, opened my bedroom door, and fixed myself some tea. If I were to get up this early, I better do it 100 percent, and not be a walking zombie.

Still, the chai didn't work. After 45 minutes, I found myself dozing, napping, sleeping again.

I finally woke up at around 9:30 AM.

Bad recipe, it resulted in my headache.


  1. naku! kung ako yun baka nagwala na ako. Pakialam mo na ang lahat sa akin wag lang ang pagtulog ko... well try drinking some med baka makatulong :)

  2. Yet another reason to ban winters, it seems. Not only do we have the cold, the snow and the short days, we can now safely add the plows to that.

  3. ang lamig din dito 'insan. grabe. last night i also had a headache due to the severe cold. severe na yun sa kin kasi nde naman ako sanay sa winter nila dito. pati mata ko masakit.