18 January 2006

Ready, Get Set, Go

Today is the big day. Finally, the start of the Spring semester. Where all the intellectual engines go running again, and you hear the rustle of the papers, the screeching of the pencils, the humming of the photocopy machines. Another four months of pressure.

The talk of the corridor is "What are you talking this semester? How was your break? Where did you go for vacation? Have you seen X?"

I met two of my classes today. And I will meet the other two tomorrow. And I will meet my TA class tomorrow too. Speaking of which, I have a meeting with the professor after class tomorrow.

I have this blackboard in my office next to my table. I usually write my appointments there in the blackboard, since I am not the person who has the habit of keeping a planner. I don't know why, I just don't. Maybe because my life is not eventful enough, so I don't need a planner. Of maybe I am just too lazy to keep a small book and write stuff in there. But then, I use this blackboard to scribble analyses, write ideas, and most importantly, write my appointments. If a student will meet with me, I will write it there. If someone wants to meet with me, then I will write it down. If I have a meeting with a professor, then I will write it down. If it is done, then I will erase it.

Good thing the cleaner who comes at night sees the big SAVE sign I write there so they won't erase it and send my head into the chopping board.

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