07 January 2006

Shooting the Moon

Today I was able to chat with my mother. It was fun. We talked about their upcoming move to Prague. Although it is not yet official, the only thing that is not making it official is because the memo still needs one last signature. When that signature is received, then they have the go-signal to pack their things and move.

Regarding that, we checked online on potential houses. Of course, they will be helped by the Prague staff, but it is still nice to see pictures of houses in Prague, and how much they cost.

After that, we both went to MSN Gaming Zone and played Hearts. It was fun because we sat in a table and we acted like we never knew each other.

I wonder if the other two players also knew each other and were trading secrets between them.

Oh well, another week has passed. One more week of vacation and then the school will start again.

I wonder when my roommate will be back.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, LIW! My first time here. I love Prague so much. I hope to spend again a short vacation there with my family (I live in France).

    I just read the 100 things about you. You're right, French is quite widely use than German. It's not late for you to learn it and I'm sure you'll learn fast.

    Hey, we have something in common, I love Tim Burton movies and JDepp is my fav actor. :-)

    I hope to hear one day your music compositions. I play the piano too. Have a great day! Have a great weekend!