04 January 2006

To Move or not to Move

Yesterday was uneventful, so I did not post an entry. It would be too minimalist, too short, so I didn't bother to do it.

Today, however, is a little bit different.

I ran some errands today. I picked up my paycheck, and went to the bank to deposit it. After that, I also went to the pharmacy to buy some bathroom supplies. I was almost out of soap that I really needed to buy one. But since it was the holiday season, the shops weren't open until today! I only had about a small pebble-sized soap particle, so when I went out today, immediately I grabbed a three-bar pack. This would last me the next semester. Yup, that was the case for the last one as well. I bought a three-bar pack at the beginning of the semester and it took me from August to December. That also goes for the shampoo and conditioner as well.

I finished the dissertation that I have been reading for the past week. It was an easier read than the previous book that I have been reading. So I picked up the other dissertation that I need to read, so as to know what this other scholar has to say. Oh I am starting to have a headache, having all these theories crowd my head, and each one of them is saying that theirs is the correct one.

I am progressing with the reading of my novel. Funny, I still find time to read leisurely. I actually borrowed another novel to read, but I don't think I'll be touching it for the time being.

Reading other people's blogs, I have seen a trend. People seem to move to Wordpress more and more. PureMood uses it, Ben.run recently started to use it, and just now, The Martins have also used it. Ok, is it more convenient? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of using it? I am skeptical, since, being used to the scientific field, I always check my data, before implementing them. So, is Wordpress better than basic Blogger?

To my readers, why have you stopped using Blogger, and instead, use Wordpress? I realize that you get a personalized URL. But is there more to it? Is it a software that I have to download? That seems to be a disadvantage to me, if that is true. Given my nature (that I travel here and there, even here in Buffalo, I sometimes blog in my office, from the library, at home), if I need to download it in order to use it, then that means I can only post an entry using the computer where I downloaded the program, right? Well, if there are other advantages that would weigh against that, please let me know.

To Wordpress users, please, try to sell the product to me. Although I cannot guarantee that I would buy it...


  1. Hi sweetie. I am not 100% why it is that we switched other then the thought of it being more ours. But I know when looking at it Blogger is "our" own too. With Wordpress though a downfall... is you have to pay for the server wordpress is hosted on. It is $60 a year through where I went. I like the options of having different page options all attached to the same URL without having to pay extra or make a new web address. I can blog from anywhere as long as I know my wordpress login username and password.

    I'm sorry I have been rambling and probably making no sense at all. I like them both (Blogger and WordPress) Maybe it is just a mind game my brain is playing but the more personalized url just makes the blog feel more personalized. But like I said it could just be a mind game.

    No matter what you decide I will still gladly come and read. :o) BTW off topic... that is way cool 3 bars of soap last you that long. That is cool! Stay warm and enjoy your break or are you back at school yet?

    Talk to you soon! and a very Happy New Year!

  2. I used to used Blogger, but I had my own web hosting. Blogger managed the contents, but published them to my web server. That way I didn't have a blogspot.com address.

    I never felt fully comfortable using Blogger as it was a free service, wheras I already paid for web hosting, I wanted to use that for the entire blog, so that I had full control over it.

    I switched to using WordPress and was able to get it to import all my postings and comments. Because I already had the website and domain, I set up[ Wordpress to use the same structure for URLs, so that old links from other sites would still work.

    WordPress is just a bunch of PHP scripts running on a webserver with a MySql database. Therefore it is fully in my control. In theory I can edit any part of it to make it do what I want. I like this control. In reality I don't want to rewrite WordPress, but I like to know that I could if I wanted to!

    Wordpress is very extendable, and many people have already written useful plugins. So you don't actually need to program anything yourself, the odds are there is aplugin already to do it.

    Compare this with Blogger where you have only one file (the template file) that you can edit, everything else is controlled by Blogger. Including that stupid word verification thing. With Blogger you can either turn it on or off, there is no way you can modify it to be more convinenent to people (for example allowing the blog author to authorise individuals for future comment posting where they won't have to word verify again).
    Wordpress comes with some anti-spam features to start with, and there is a hole host of anti-spam plugins available if that is required (I have found the built in ones to be adequate for me so far).

    Wordpress.com provides free hosting for wordpress blogs. However this is a restricted version of Wordpress, you can not put your own plugins and themes up, you just can work with what they provide. However it is still good.

    Ideally you would want to have your own webhosting. This varies greatly in price depending on who you use. I use IxWebHosting and have found them to be very well priced.
    Just make sure you have webhosting which has PHP and MySql. IxWebHosting does not have MySql on their most basic plan, you need the next one up (currently called "Buisness plan") Depending on how long you sign up for the prices changes. For example if you pay up front for 24 months, then it is US$6.45 per month. You are able to host 6 domains, and they will give you 3 domain names for free!

    Another advantage of having your own hosting is that you will have email as well (unless you have a really bad hosting plan!).

    In terms of having to download things, you only have to download WordPRess to put it on your website, you don't need to run any software on your own computer. You can access your Blog through the web with any browser. Or alternatively you can use an offline editor tool. For example, Blogjet is an offline Blog writing tool that supports many types of blogs, including Blogger and WordPress.

  3. You seem very busy that day...