08 January 2006

Travelling Behavior

This is the season when most Filipinos go out of the country again. As noted by the press, most people go back to their place of work (at least, for the overseas Filipino workers, the unnamed heroes, as they say), place of study, or what-not. In short, vacation is over.

This thinking about vacation has made me ponder on the traveling behavior of the Filipinos. Even my mother in Vienna observed this. For Filipinos, vacation means one thing, to go back to the Philippines. They have this equation in their heads:

Vacation = Philippines

When they are living overseas, whether they are single, or together as a family, they always go back to the Philippines to take their vacation.

It is funny that even though I am a Filipino, I find this odd.

For me, a vacation is a time to explore other places, visit places one has never been before, explore the world, as one has the chance. But obviously, most of my fellow countrymen don't think about it this way.

Well, for that matter, they might even brand me as unpatriotic.

Well, I guess, the concept of family is a big thing in the Philippines. And due to the fact that 9 years of my life (going 10) was spent outside the country, that concept hasn't been engraved into my psyche too much.

As I sometimes chat with my friends back in Manila, they always ask me when I would be back. And when I say not until around 2009, they would suggest me taking a vacation there in Manila in between.

Oh well, I guess, for them, the saying There is no place like home. is true to the strictest sense of the word.

Conversely, where is my home? I don't know anymore. Wherever I am currently, perhaps, that is my home.


  1. ui musta?! i bet you're having a blast doing linguistics. keep in touch!!!

  2. I can understand you very well! Sometimes I ask me too: where is my home?
    I think the home is where you simply feel well...