22 January 2006

The Unbearable Lightness of Drink

Today, I saw two drunk college kids on the bus, at the same time. Both of them were girls, and both acted so weird but everyone else acted as if nothing was happening.

The first girl was sitting a few rows in front of me. She had a friend, who appeared sober. She on the other hand, was there, speaking in English to her friend, and then she apparently switches to some foreign language that I just cannot catch. She then sprawls on the horizontal seats, lies down, gets up, dozes, falls to the floor, and repeat. She has a book with her, a textbook, and she tries to read the textbook while lying down the seats. Doesn't work. The textbook falls off her hand. She stands up, talks to her friend. She then grasps the vertical steel pole, and she does an imitation of a pole dance. The radio is on, inside the bus, and she happens to like the R&B music that was playing, and she gyrates her boobs just like the dancers in a Sean Paul video.

The other drunk was sitting diagonally behind me. I was sitting in the second to the last row, so that makes her sitting on the final row, on the other side of the bus. Everything seemed ok, until about ten minutes before the final destination, when I suddenly felt cold air coming inside the bus. I turned where the air was coming from, and I saw her, her head poking out the window. And I hear these guttural sounds, which implied that she was vomiting. She had her head about five minutes, and I could only imagine how much she chucked. Later on, when we were going out, she even accidentally stepped on my long coat. I just let it pass, and when I turned around to look, I saw her wobly gait, as she was struggling to get inside her dormitory.

Wow. In the middle of a Saturday...


  1. just wanted to say hi to you 'insan. t'care always. ;)

  2. buti di ka nag-request ng lap dance. heheh. but seriously that's a sad state of today's youth. imagine girls pa naman.