10 January 2006


I see you, from a distance.

Slithering, appearing, disappearing...

You see me, you make me follow you.

You lead me deeper, closer, and you capture my gaze, hypnotized, and no control.

I am a puppet, controlled by your whim, as you swing my strings and command my every step.

The distance becomes smaller, with every step I take.

You have erased my consciousness, dominating my attention, distracting me from reality.

Your presence unnerves me, as my milky eyes attempt to follow you, in a stupor.

I see your breath as I gaze into your lips. My fingers navigate your hair, brushing them aside, so I could see your gaze. You have let me in, leading me deeper and deeper. You pass on your breath to me, breathing into me your sensuality.

You send shivers down my spine, as you dig your nails deep down my back.

You have erased the existence of everything else I knew, leaving us together, floating in the middle of a blank universe.

You have become my universe, and me yours, as two bodies become one, as the logical becomes the illogical, as the reason loses its power.

One plus one does not give two anymore. Not tonight.

1 + 1 = 1


  1. ayyy.. ano pong meron? Joke! Artist mode ka pala ngayon. galing!!! *clap*

  2. oo nga eh, let's just say may inspirasyon ako...

  3. Nice, LIW.

    I wonder what ya'll are saying above me? (ha) Perhaps I need to be a linguist.

  4. wow! im happy for u 'insan! kilig! :)

  5. very passionate naman ito LIW. you should have put an R18 rating with the title. pinagpawisan tuloy ako.