17 February 2006

Crossing the Atlantic

If yesterday was a low-point of my week, today was a high-point.

A few nice things happened today which made me dance in the hallways. A fello graduate student actually noticed this and remarked what's happening.

For one, I got back my first LIN 525 (Typology) homework. It was an A! Good thing the effort paid off. The professor of that class is legendary in its teaching style. Students usually fall into two groups: one that hate him, and one that love him. Other students who took LIN 525 with him before advised me to write my exams and my homework as if I am writing to God. So my first homework was to write a typological analysis of the sound system of a language. I picked a West African language, Miya, for this assignment, and wrote a total of six pages. It paid off.

Another high point today was the removal of a mental block that had been bugging me. This concerns my QP, and today, suddenly, I felt this surge of ideas in my head which I was able to put in paper. I am now preparing the data set that I would use for a presentation that I will give in the study group of my adviser.

Third high point was the reading group that finally met this evening. We are reading a new syntax book, and the discussion was just fired up. It is amazing to see the room filled with professors and graduate students sitting together, and debating against each other, sharing opinions, without the traditional professor-student mental barrier. It is also fun to hear professors crack jokes against fellow professors.

Final high point for me today was that I was able to book myself a ticket to Prague for this summer! I called quite some travel agents today, but they couldn't give me less than the lowest fare I could find online. So I went ahead and bought my ticket online, so I will be flying to Prague on May 15, and I will be back August 1. I'll fly on Swiss International Airlines which means I will connect thru Zurich. It will be the first time for me to cross the Atlantic. When this happens, this would be the first time for me to circle the globe, technically. I crossed the Pacific Ocean, I crossed the Indian Ocean, and this summer, I will cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Exciting indeed!


  1. wow ang sarap naman. bakasyon grande. deserve mo naman yan esp. with what you experience in your day-to-day teaching, i.e. rant mode.

    have fun! :)

  2. Which would be why they say that stuff about rain, sunshine and the other stuff...

  3. thats fantastic! Looks as though you have had quite a great day!

  4. Congrats on the A! Sure seems better today tha yesterday... nice photo choice for yesterday, too. Eww! LOL Hope tomorrow is even better