14 February 2006

Excitement and Apprehension

Those are two of the prominent feelings that I have for today.

I just heard from a fellow graduate student that both she and I have the strong possibility of being a teaching assistant for one semester and an instructor for the other semester.

My goodness. What will I teach these kids?

Am I qualified enough?

Sometimes, it is weird thinking that the lives of 40 different people will be somehow affected by my decisions. I have the power to give an A or an F. Wow.

With great power comes great responsibility.

On another note, I was a bit disappointed that I needed to change my daily schedule for today. I was supposed to do my ironing tonight, but then when I already set up the table and the iron, I found out that the iron was not working. Apparently, it was broken or something, which I wouldn't be surprised, given the fact that I got it for a really cheap price.

Besides, it was Made in China.


  1. I'm sure you'll do great at teaching those young'uns. That's why they would have chosen you, right?

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, dear LIW!!!
    Hope you have some romantic thoughts today too...?

    And I hope you feel better again. I was just reading your entry from 2/11/2006 - I think too that a lymph node has swollen. If it continues you should check it and go to a doctor.

  3. gusto ko sense of humor mo kuya. :) matapos ang mala-seryosong pag-iisip tungkol sa magiging responsibilidad mo sa pagtuturo sa darating na semestre... eh biglang enter ang tungkol sa naudlot na pagpa-plantsa dahil sa plantsang made in china.