02 February 2006

Hapalochlaena lunulata

First time to blog early in the morning.

I do not know whether I am overworking myself, or whether I just have too much motivation but that my body cannot keep up. But I do think that my body can keep up.

Yesterday was the first quiz for my teaching assistant class. 10 points multiple choice. It was very easy to grade. I had the first seven letters of the alphabet, so everyone whose last name begins from A to G is going to be graded by me.

Someone in my office told me to slow down.

I looked like an octopus shuffling and alphabetizing papers.

Am I abnormal? I like pressure, I like deadlines, and I get depressed when it is vacation time and I am just bumming around.

On a different note, I received another voice message from my parents, saying they will leave Vienna around three weeks from now. So I guess that means it is indeed definite.

I need to find a new house. I am planning to move off-campus for next year. I was trying to get a different unit within campus, one with a lesser rent, but I wasn't able to get it. So I will try to get an off-campus housing before I go for vacation, something that is less expensive, so when I come back in August, it will be ready.

I also need to renew my I-20, so I can re-enter the United States after my vacation.

I also need to file my income tax return.

I also need to conduct three more experiments tomorrow.

I also need to read a paper that was suggested reading for my SynSem Lab.

Life goes on, spinning round and round...


  1. just don't forget to enjoy everything you do and all's gonna be well. sarap nga buhay mo eh. nasa merika ka.

  2. of course you're not abnormal. it happens to a lot of people; i.e. the adrenaline rush and the overwhelming motivation just pushes you round and round.

    just slow down a little bit if you think you're missing a lot of things around you.

    enjoy life LIW! you're still young. you are!