11 February 2006

My Blogroll Would Not Roll


Why is it that my blogroll does not work as it is supposed to do? It would not roll! Some blogs that are listed there never show up as updated, so I wasn't aware that they had new entries in them. It wasn't until I became curious why these people were "absent" so I clicked in their blog, and voila! They were there all along.

Well, that's just a minor thing, nothing to rant about.

My sickness alert is up this weekend. My officemate seems to be falling into a cold, apparently, he got it while he was in Canada, and he imported it into the US. I better protect my system or else I will fall down as well. Bad mix.

My parents only have about ten days to spend in Vienna. In a short while, they will be in Prague, where we will be able to see each other again in about three months.

Before I go, I have a riddle. Let me see if you can answer it:

  • Man made it, but didn't need it.

  • Man bought it, but didn't want it.

  • Man used it, but didn't know it.

  • What is it?

If you know the answer, leave it in the comment box, ok?


  1. hmm. I would suspect a coffin.

  2. Your picture is nice and funny as so often!

    Take care of you - you need MUCH vitamin C in winter for protecting you of colds!

  3. Xmichra,

    Yes! You are right!


    I know, that's why I am dunking Vitamin C in to my system.

  4. woo-hoo!! Had to think on that for awhile. I love brain teasers!