05 February 2006

Rain in Buffalo

It rained all day long today. And the bad thing is, they say that during the night, it would turn to snow.

Well, the winter is not yet over. It is still February. So there is still chance that snow will still fall.

I have plenty of things to think about recently. I need to synchronize my moves and actions, or else I might go crazy.

I need to schedule a trip to New York City to submit my visa application for the Czech Republic.

I also need to start calling travel agents and buy a cheap ticket to Prague.

I also need to start finding a new place to live for the next academic year, since it is very expensive to live in my current place, and it is too tempting not to move out.

I also need to fill out the forms for the income tax return.

No wonder my grey hairs are increasing.

By the way, I had a haircut this afternoon. A modified buzz cut. The buzz cut sounds simple, but in actuality, it is not. There are plenty of steps to sculpt the hair, so that I don't end like an egg-head.


  1. Hmm, you sounds VERY busy...
    ...and that "Grey-Hair-Problem" seems to worry you.

    Use the sunday for relaxing, do nothing else. :-)

  2. hectic huh!

    cmon dude, show us how does a modified buzz cut look like.

  3. *toink* bouncing around ... hehehe. "Grey Hair Probklem?" Dba bata ka pa? wehehe ... New hair cut edi puging-pugi ka? :)