07 February 2006

Run or Be Ran Over

What a sad sight. 74 people have died in Manila this last weekend due to a stampede while trying to get in an arena to watch a live variety show. All because of desperation.

The show is known for giving away cash and material prizes, and so people wanted even a small chance of being in the audience so that perhaps, with the stroke of luck, they might win something.

Then someone yelled "Bomb! Bomb!" and off they go. They ran everywhere, here, there, over there. In the end, 74 bodies were too weak to keep up, and they ended up being trampled, their dreams shattered, their hopes extinguished.

How sad indeed it is, when one's financial condition forces one to grip on to the blade, as the popular Filipino idiom goes. Whatever will be, will be. Que sera, sera. If we win money, we win money. If we die, we die.


  1. i share with your grief.

    nice new look on your template (i mean the blog title).

  2. Aye. It's never nice to hear these things. I just wonder whether it was, in fact, an actual threat, or if those people died in vain...

  3. Owen,

    Thanks, good thing you could read it.


    Welcome back. And in answer to your question, no, there was no real bomb threat.

  4. so sad indeed. and what's sadder is that we never learn from these things. i bet you after a few more years, something like this will happen again.