12 February 2006

A Swollen Problem

I have a little problem. A part of my body seems to be swollen. No, it's not that thing that is swollen for a small portion of the early part of the day that is experienced by half of the world's population, no. But it concerns my neck.

I feel a little swelling-slash-pain on the front-left side of my neck. It is located about two inches away to the left from the mid-front of my Adam's Apple. And when I turn my head to the right, I feel that small pain that seems like I am pulling something.

It started yesterday. And no, that is not my picture, I just grabbed it somewhere floating around in cyberspace.

At first I thought it might be mumps, but no, the right side is not swollen, and I am vaccinated for that. I didn't bump my neck into something hard, so a bruise is also ruled out. Maybe it is my lymph nodes, whatever they may be. I might be headed for the flu.

No no no. I better boost my immune system.


  1. probably a lymph node for sure. Usually indicative of strep throat or toncilitis... you may just want to check that out!

  2. Whatever it is - hope you get well soon!