21 March 2006


Today was the first day I felt normal again.

I got my oom oom pah pah back!

I feel my machines, my engines, my woodwork, whatever you call it, rotate again! Everything is back in order people! Of course, I was delayed because I got sick and I had that weird emotional slump, but now, I am fine.

And the funny thing is, all the worries that I have been pondering about the past few days, they somehow fall into place neatly!

I have found a potential subletter in my apartment, so I wouldn't be paying a considerable sum for rent while I am in Europe. I also took care of my travel insurance, something I need to get a visa for Czech Republic. My Dad is also busy processing my invitation so that I can get a visa and enter the country hassle-free.

So, with regard to my Czech Republic trip, I already have a valid passport, a round-trip ticket, proper documentation that I am welcome back here in the USA, and documentation for travel insurance. All I need is the invitation letter from my Dad, the Consul General of the Philippines, which I will carry with me to the Czech Consulate General in New York City, so that I can get a visa stamped in my passport.

I think I better start a countdown. After all, it is less than two months away.

But before that, I better clean up the apartment. I am showing the apartment this coming Wednesday to a potential subrenter. I hope he likes the place and agrees. I need his signature. After he signs, then one of my worries would be solved.

Worries. No wonder I have my grey hair growing plenty. But then, this is life. This is what makes life interesting.


  1. i forgot your email addy, so i'm posting this here.

    lola & auntie tere are coming home this friday due to uncle charlie's condition. he was brought to the hospital for confinement but stayed for 1 night only, then requested to be brought back home.

    let's continue praying for him.

  2. Uncle Charlie has cancer.
    Inevitably, it will claim him.
    I do not know how to deal with my grief...ㅠㅠㅠ