16 March 2006

The Comeback

At last I am slowly getting better. I haven't been popping in medication for the whole day today, and yet I feel fine. No need for pain relievers anymore.

My fever is gone, my headache is gone. The only thing I am stuck with is the runny nose, the sore throat, and the lost voice.

Yes, I still haven't found my voice. I hate mouthing words and forcing the air out of my lungs, trying hard to force my voicebox to vibrate, yet they won't. And my nose area is so red right now, it is so bruised with all the tissues that passed through it wiping my nose.

So that means I was able to do some work today. I finished grading the essays of my students, so I can tabulate their grades for their first exams. Most of the people did well, but some people had been total bombers.

I also watched "The Amazing Race" this morning. I am irritated at these "To be continued..." episodes, yet again, that is the added thrill.

I hope to be well tomorrow, so I can get to my office and start writing that paper I have to write.


  1. Hey, don't stress yourself too much. Relax and forget the paper for a while. Oki doki? :)

  2. Happy to hear you're slowly gettin' better and wish you well, soon.