25 March 2006


Ah a busy week! I had plenty of things to do, which forced me to cancel some non-matriculated extra-curricular activities. Which was sad, but I had to. I did not attend my adviser's lab on Monday, and I did not attend the reading group I usually attend yesterday. I also didn't go to the Colloquium today.

The reason for the absence was a combination of errands and trip preparations, and homeworks and papers. But I am keeping up. I finished my homework in Syntax yesterday, which is due next Friday. I also finished the handout for a presentation I am making this Tuesday. Now, during the weekend, I am going to finish the Typology homework which is due this Thursday but I am passing this Tuesday. The reason I am not passing it Thursday is because I will be out of town this Thursday.

Yes, I am going to New York City Wednesday night by bus, arriving at New York City on the morning. I will file my visa application for the Czech Republic. I already have all the requirements ready, and all I need to do is go down there and do the deed.

I am looking forward to this small trip of mine. I am meeting my godmother in the morning, then I will file my visa application, then I will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then I will ride the bus on that night, so that I will be here, back in Buffalo Friday morning.

Another good news is that I found a potential subrenter for my apartment, and he seems to fit the requirements by the Housing Office. So that solves another problem of mine.

One sad thing though, is about my uncle. He is dying. Last November, the doctors told him that he only has 6 months to live. It's almost the end of March. I just talked to him over the phone, and I could feel how much he has changed. His voice is so hollow, so light, so delicate that I feared talking to him would make it hollower than ever.

He is just 56.


  1. that is sad to hear of your uncle. Hopefully you will be able to visit.

    Good new onthe appartment, and on the trip though. Have a great time!

  2. hi LIW! kasama si dad sa pagsundo kina lola & aunty last saturday. then my parents went to laguna again yesterday. my parents want us to visit uncle din asap.