06 March 2006

Grrr... Part 2

I almost thought that this would be a harmless Sunday. I went to the supermarket this morning, and then I went and attended my religious service in the afternoon.

When I came back, I looked at my computer, and saw that I do not have an internet connection.

How come?

I have broadband cable. I didn't move my ethernet cable. But then, nothing is connecting.

So I called the Help Desk of the university (since I live on-campus, and they provide us with internet services). The guy made me do stuff, like check the Properties of yada-yada-yada, change the cable, pop out my command prompt, you name it. But then it still does not connect.


And then I open my door to find a notice from the village, saying that all the occupants of my building has no internet, and so they will repair it in the near future, probably lasting until Wednesday.

So here I am in the library, making use of my library priviledges and blogging away.

I wonder why I get irritated at the lack of connectivity, when I am perfectly fine at the idea of fieldwork, when I go to remote rural areas and gather data for my research?

Maybe it is a case of expectation postponed. Given a place like this, I expect something, and when that does not appear, then I get disappointed.

Patience, LIW, patience.

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