13 March 2006

I Will Spread Havoc

Apparently, the pinging headache I had two days ago turned out to be the initial symptoms of the flu. Yes, right now, I have the influenza. My head is aching, my nose is running, my limbs are aching, my throat is sore, and sometimes I get the chills at night. If I didn't pop some pain relievers then I would be in such a mess.

What a great way to spend spring break.

Now my plans are so delayed.

I am supposed to finish writing a paper, but then, due to my condition, I couldn't even start. I still have that pack of tests that I need to grade. I finished the two sections, but the essay parts, I haven't started yet.

I guess the only thing that I am happy for is that this influenza hit me when classes are not in session. If classes are in session, then that would be worse.

So here I am in my room, coughing. My roommate is out for vacation, travelling again. If he were here, then he might catch the flu too.


  1. uy you are working too hard. magpahinga nang gumaling agad. mahirap ang nagkakasakit, lalo na at nag-iisa.

  2. Ouch, that's bad. I really hope you get well soon! Rest up, you'll need your strength.

  3. you get a good rest and catch up with the spring break!

    down a lot of water!