28 March 2006

I've Got The Power!

I've got the power!

The last weekend and this week is/was a whirlwind week. I have done tons of things that, looking back, I find it unbelievable.

Since I am taking a day trip to New York City, it meant that I needed to pass certain schoolwork earlier than usual, so that I would not be penalized for being late. So that was what I did for the weekend and yesterday.

Last Thursday, I finished my Syntax 2 homework. It was due this coming Friday, but I passed it today. I had fun writing that homework, using LaTeX to draw attribute value matrices in order to explain certain syntactic phenomena in English.

Last Friday, I finished my handout for a presentation that I will do tomorrow. I will present in class the research that I have done for Bilingualism. I am inclined to call my research something that was done in the sub-field of Experimental Bilingualism. I conducted experiments and then analyzed the data. Because I am presenting tomorrow, I already reserved the projector and the laptop of the department, and I also asked the department to make photocopies of my handouts.

Today, I finished my Typology homework which is due this Thursday. I finished it today so that I can pass it by tomorrow, because, like I said, I will be out of town this Thursday. The homework was about the typological analysis of word order of a language. The language I picked was Nung, a language in Vietnam which is found in the Tai-Kadai language family. Thai is a close relative. I enjoyed writing the homework, but the only thing that I considered a pain in the ass was the fact that Nung had tones, which meant that all the vowels had some sort of diacritic above or below them. Good thing that I am writing in LaTeX, so I need not to copy and paste all the special symbols, as what would be the case if I were to type it in MS Word.

MS Word. It has been a long time since I used it. Feels like ages ago. The reason I abandoned MS Word is because it doesn't give me the freedom that LaTeX gives me. Oops, this is becoming a nerdy entry. I better change the topic.

This Wednesday, I have a meeting with my Village Director. He will interview and check my potential subrenter if he is a nice guy. If he approves, which I hope he will, then we will sign the relevant paperwork. That meeting will happen at 4:30. 6 hours later I will find myself sitting in a Greyhound bus headed for New York City.

I already mapped and printed the places that I need to go this Thursday. Port Authority Bus Terminal, then Philippine Consulate General, then Czech Consulate General, then Metropolitan Museum of Art, then back to the bus terminal. I also borrowed a Lonely Planet New York City guide from my classmate.

Oh, and my actions don't stop there. As I am typing this, my dryer is running. Then, when that is done, I will set up my ironing board and iron the clothes that needed ironing.

Then I will sleep.

I feel like I am on stimulants today and I have so much energy to do anything. Yesterday afternoon, I was so sleepy so I napped for quite some time, when I woke up, it was already 6:00 pm, so I somehow got a reversal of timezones. I was wide awake until about 3:00 am writing my homework, doing stuff, among other things. At 3:00 I slept and then woke up at 7:00 to prepare for my class which starts at 9:00.

Monday has always been a hectic day for me, at least this semester. I have two classes of my own, then I have my TA class in the afternoon, then I have the extra study group with my adviser, together with all his advisees. So that happened today. Today he asked what our plans for the summer are. One thing that sucks is that my schedule and his schedule doesn't jive that well. I am away from May 15 to August 1. He on the other hand is away from July 30 to August 22. He is French, and he will visit France during those days. So that means I cannot consult him when I am around, and I cannot consult him before those days because I will be the one that isn't around. But again, there is e-mail.

Ah, I definitely have the power today. Look at how long this entry has become.

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  1. you've got the power indeed! i missed a lot on your posts. sorry, i have been busy with my sudoku! will make up for it!