07 March 2006

Oom Pa Pa

What a good day. It makes me sing and dance whenever I have a good day like this.

The main attraction for the day was that I finished my first of three papers for the semester. I finished writing my Bilingualism paper this afternoon. So I proofread it, I corrected my spelling errors, and voila! Fresh from the printing press! Now I can get it out of the way!

The second thing is that I actually received an e-mail from my Dad! He said that they already have an apartment to live with a great view. He is just waiting for his accreditation (diplomats have to be recognized by their host country as a diplomat, and they get a special identification card for that) and then when he receives that, he can then send me an invitation letter for my visa application.

The third thing was the visit of a potential incoming graduate student this afternoon. A certain guy comes in and looks at the department and haves a talk to several professors and students. It was nice to get a fresh breath of change once in a while.

Speaking of change, I also received an e-mail regarding the identity of the person that the department will hire for next year. Remember around one month ago, there was a series of talks that I attended to, which are the talks of the job candidates? So one of them will end up teaching here next year. Too bad my first choice was not picked. Oh well, what can I do?

Anyway, I am just too happy tonight that I'll end this entry here. But before I end, let me write down the searches that people made to arrive at my blog.

So there you have it, my searches. I better go and boogie for now. I'll enjoy the afterglow.