11 March 2006


Spring is here! But unfortunately, my body does not want to be in sync with the change. Today, it was around 50-ish outside, but then I have this weird headache, it wasn't persistent, but it was intermittent. It was like I would get this weird "pinging" sensation in the right-hand side of my head, and it would last for a second or two. I don't think it is serious yet, so I am just loading on vitamins.

I don't have classes for the next week, but I have a stack of mid-term exams to grade. There are three parts: the short answers, the multiple choice, and the short essays. So far I have finished 67-some short answers. I am now working my way on the multiple choice. I hope to finish it by tomorrow.

The reason I want it done by tomorrow is because I want to finish a paper by the end of Spring Break. I still have two papers to do (out of a total of three) and my first paper was submitted last Tuesday. The second paper has already matured in my head, so all I need is to write it down in paper.

People have dramatically shrunk in the campus. It is because the dormitories require their tenants to leave the place during the break. So that is what everybody is doing. Good thing I do not have to do that, since I am in an apartment.

Last week I have posted an ad for a sublet for my current apartment. I hope somebody would take an interest in it. I'm subletting it because I am not here for two and a half months beginning the middle of May. I'm off to vacation.

So, there you have it, my Spring Break update.


  1. You need some activities in your daily routine that disburden your brain and give your emotionality some more space...
    I guess your headache will disappear then.

    Thanks for your nice comment - I could dance all the day :-)

  2. pinsan, add our other pinsan (flor dery) to ur yahoo list. ate raquel just had a chat daw with her.

    flor's YM: kitsunesama7@yahoo.com

    naku, magkakasundo kayo nito. pareho kayong henyo. oh well, it runs in the dery clan. :lol: