05 March 2006


Saturday. Like any other.

First of all, I'd like to thank the people who left words of encouragement with regard to my last post. It meant a lot. I do realize now that sometimes all I need to do is look at the problem from another perspective.

I have a weird sense of time today. It was because of the sun which shone so bright today. It was so bright because the snow reflected it in all directions, and so it made everyone squint. It made me squint so hard that I closed my eyes and lay down in bed, from 4:00 PM to around 7:00 PM. I guess that means I am tired too. I guess it just made up for the lack of sleep that I have sometimes in the weekdays. Which means that right now, it is about fifteen minutes to 10:00 and my eyes are still wide awake.

I guess I'll just do what I should have done earlier.

I need to make bar graphs for my paper. I also need to start doing my taxes. Somehow, I don't get the motivation to do that. I need to change that.

I miss my parents, somewhat. The last time I talked to them was February 21, when they were still in Vienna. I was so used to seeing my mother or my father online, so I could click on them and strike a chat whenever I wanted. But as of now, they haven't gotten an internet connection yet, so I am still waiting. I also need to prod them to process my travel insurance, so I can visit them this summer.

Did I mention that I was apartment-hunting? Apparently, it is still too early. All the available ones are for June occupancy. But I don't need an apartment while I am away. I am looking for August occupancy, but so far, nothing is available yet.


  1. good luck in your apartment hunt. in fact ako rin, my lease contract expires early April. So i have barely a month to find a new place.

  2. glad to hear you are doing better today!
    Appartment hunting is hard so early on. Good luck with that!