29 April 2006


That was how I felt this afternoon, during the Undergraduate Party.

There was this huge cake, bought in a supermarket. It was written "Congratulations to the Class of 2006" in blue letters. Everyone had their share of cake. But the cake was full of icing. And the icing was blue.

After the slice, everyone's teeth were coated with blue paint. It seemed like everyone took a bite from Smurf Village. Or maybe, it seems that everyone just visited the local Chernobyl and had radioactive substances wiped in their mouths and tongues.

In the afternoon, before the party, me, together with two friends of mine, took a drive to the nearby town of Williamsville. My other friend was looking for an apartment, and my other friend (this time, referring to the friend that was not referred to before) wanted to show the apartment below his current apartment. He also wanted to show her the naturist tendencies of the town. So I tagged along, and enjoyed the view. Too bad I didn't have my digicam with me at that time.

But indeed, the scenery was gorgeous. There is a waterfall nearby, and the air is superbly clean. There is a great bike path where one can jog or run every morning. And the houses are neat as well. The only downside to that is that one must have a car to live there, as the public transportation isn't that efficient as is the case for Osaka or Vienna.

Although I wasn't looking for an apartment myself (as I already signed the lease for my new apartment that would commence this August), I just treated myself with the great view. Again, too bad I didn't bring my digicam with me.


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  1. Wow, would love to live there... i love flats with great views.

    re: cake - me like. hehehehe paints ur teeth blue, just like one of those candies i use to enjoy when i was a kid (mouthwash ata yun).