17 April 2006

Cold Turkey

I finished grading my students' papers!

Yes I did!

Over the weekend, I just sat down for two straight days and graded all 60-some papers. All the papers are about 4-6 pages long, and so it took me two days to finish it. Whew!

I think I need a massage. My back has been aching.

At least, the big hurdle is out, all I need to grade in that class is an exam to be taken at the last day (May 1), and two short quizzes, each taking just 20 minutes to grade.

Now, I can focus on my Semantics paper, since I haven't started yet. My final Typology homework is also out of the way, since I have finished it last Friday as well. I also need to prepare for a talk I am giving in one of my fellow graduate student's class. He will be out of town for a conference, so I am taking over his class.

Two weeks left, one hurdle down.

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